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Building on A Permanent Support System
January 13, 2021
Soochnapreneur ensures quality maternal healthcare
January 13, 2021

Jamuna Devi, wife of Arun Kumar is a 35 years old Farmer. She is a resident of Karor village, a place in the remote corners of Haryana. Her husband owns a piece of land for which she is a farmhand. But since she hasn’t got a formal education, she was unaware of the government benefits she is entitled to. Mala Yadav, a SoochnaPreneur, with her laptop and internet came to her rescue and enrolled her under farmer registration and in SHG group of the village.

After she joined the group, it was mandatory for her to deposit 50 rupees every month, so that anytime in future, she could use her own money. Mala ji has further made other women working for self help groups aware and helped them open a joint account of the group members.

Jamuna Devi bought a tractor from her savings after decided to cultivate her own farm. The tractor is also used by the people in the neighbouring village for ploughing. She earns her living through this and now she has become self-sufficient with a sustainable source of livelihood.

“From age five I had to work in my family’s farm but I wanted to work now, so that my children get good education, better jobs and better future. Maybe one day my son will buy a big car and drive me around”, she said with her gleaming eyes. Mala Yadav has played an important role in her success and she still gets in touch with Mala Yadav when in any doubt.

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