July 20, 2017
Towards A News Era of Financial Freedom
January 4, 2021

Kalamani Devi is a hard working lady and use to work in the paddy field for her livelihood. Rest of the months she work as a labor outside her village with her husband. She has three children, sister-in-law and grandmother in her family. They are facing hardships in their life due to poverty.

Our SSPs registered their name in “Labor Insurance Card” scheme few months back with their related documents. This Govt. beneficial scheme covers all the vital schemes, which is quite useful for labor class family. In the recent time she got Sari set for herself and shirt-paint for her husband through “Shram Niyojan Prashikshan Vibhag”. These cloth-set were distributed by “Shramik Mitra” in their nearby Block. This type of arrangement for cloth-set distribution organized once in a year for labor class people, which produce them lot of help and support.

Kalamani Devi needs lots of support for a better living standard and through this particular scheme she can obtain working-kit, safety-kit, insurance policy, health support, pension, delivery support scholarships for their children, marriage support, accidental support, etc.

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