Towards A News Era of Financial Freedom

Shramik Mitra
January 4, 2021
Our Centers: Tackling the Migration Challenge
January 4, 2021

Amir Khan is a resident of Barmer, Rajasthan. He lives with his wife and three sons and he works as a vegetable supplier at the local mandi while one of his sons runs a grocery shop which got shut during the national lockdown.

“The basic sense of well-being that you can see today in this house is very recent (Covid Pandemic). Things were not always this comfortable. There were nights when he gave his kids Rice soaked in water for dinner and they (he & his wife) went to bed hungry. Those were really tough times,” he recalls.

Yet the bank is crowded due to the lockdown, and people above 60 years are not allowed to enter inside. Amir couldn’t go and withdraw his pension to make his family survive; therefore he came across the Samarth SoochnaPreneur center of Nawab’s where he can get the withdrawal done.

Whenever Amir Khan used to come to the center of Samarth SoochnaPreneur Nawab Khan, the Nawab would withdraw money from Amir’s account, thus Amir would not have to stand in line and neither time would have deteriorated.

In this way, when Amir Khan started receiving money from Bank BC, the awareness campaign also got started in the village.

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