Old Age Pension
January 6, 2021
Anchal Prasuti
January 6, 2021

The story of Sahajnath Mehto is filled with pain and sorrow. His old age is a curse for him.

Sahajnath Mehto lives in Korabar village of Burmu Tehsil in Ranchi district. He lives with his two sons but then also he feels lonely because his sons and daughters in law do not take care of him. Majority of the days, he has even slept empty stomach at night. The more he used to protest, the more his sons used to physically torture him. Finally, Sahajnath Mehto decided to live his life on his own terms and therefore he applied for the Old age pension. He filled the form and submitted it in the Panchayat. He waited for the response but nothing happened.

One day, he got to know about the Soochna Seva centre. Therefore, without wasting any time, he visited the centre where he met Soochnapreneur Dilip Kumar Saav . He narrated his painful story to him and after listening to it Dilip immediately filed an application form under Old age Pension Yojana and also instructed him to bring the documents that need to be attached with the form. Next day, Sahajnath brought all the documents and his application form was submitted successfully at the Panchayat.

After few months, his name arrived in the list of Pensioners and finally, Sahajnath started receiving the Pension.

Sahajnath thanked Dilip Kumar for giving him a new lease of life.

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