Support from Digital Centers in the times of Covid-19

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January 12, 2021
Quick fix for government schemes
January 13, 2021

Yasmeen became a mother of three at a very young age. She lost her husband which made her a sole earner in the family. The responsibility to feed the young ones compelled her to take up stitching work. Through this small opportunity, she managed to earn and save money for her kids, but the pandemic induced lockdown again brought misery in her life. She had no income and her savings were drying up quickly leaving her with no option but a cry for relief. Khamar Rehman, the facilitator of Digital Centre at Wanaparthy in Telangana provided immediate relief in the form of food and money to Yasmin and her family. With support from DEF and USIPI, our covid warriors are assisting communities in tough times.

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