Two day long activity based training program organized at Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

A Conference on ‘Strengthening digital governance for citizen access of service, peoples monitoring of entitlements and effective grievance redress
May 7, 2014
Two day long activity based training program was organized in Ranchi
December 28, 2016


Two day long activity based training program has been organized for selected information entrepreneurs under the ‘SoochnaPreneur’ project of the Digital Empowerment Foundation, supported by Qualcomm. The workshop aims at building capacities of the first batch of ‘SoochnaPrenuers’ with the technical skills required to operate rural information, content and services business around government schemes and entitlements, and other information, content and digital services. The training focus was on managerial and operation skills, marketing, communication, citizen user engagement, client relationship, liasioning, branding and other aspects of operating information businesses.

This workshop was for the first batch of ‘SoochnaPrenuers’ who has also been oriented on the business model, the operation guidelines. The workshop has been designed with multiple interactive activities and sessions.

There are 7 main themes identified for the training workshop:

  1. The Rural Information and Knowledge Society
  2. The Rural Information, Content, Service Market and Economy
  3. The Rural Information-Content-Service Consumer Base and understanding the market
  4. Scope & Role of Rural Information Entrepreneurs (SoochnaPreneurs) to serve the rural information and service market
  5. Digital Tools, Applications and platforms to serve rural information, content, service market
  6. Delivery of Information, Content, Services to serve consumer needs sustainably
  7. Sustaining the Rural Information, Content and Service Business

Training Objectives: To orient the first batch of rural information entrepreneurs with the overall concept of the programme and guidelines in depth.

Specific Objectives

  1. To improve basic knowledge and understanding of the trainees regarding rural Information, content and service need, its access and delivery at community level.
  2. To make them understand about the qualities and skills of a rural information entrepreneurs and its importance.
  3. To allow the trainees to understand widely the rural information, content and service consumer base.
  4. To introduce the ‘SoochnaPreneurs’ with various information, content, services and tools.
  5. To make the trainees equip in using mobile and other digital tools in serving and enhancing their rural information, content and service business.  
  6. To demonstrate the functionality of mobile application named ‘Mera App’ created to serve and deliver government entitlement related information, content and services to citizen users.

 Expected Outputs/Results

  1. Better understanding of the programme and its objectives
  2. Coherent capacity building of the Infopreneuers
  3. Better utilization of the resources
  4. Better understanding of program guidelines & procedures
  5. Enhance management and monitoring of the programme

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