On January 7th 2017,district level training has been conducted for SoochnaPreneurs (SPs) unit in Itki block of Ranchi

Two day long activity based training program was organized in Ranchi
December 28, 2016
Ranchi Training
On January 5-6th 2017,district level training has been conducted for SoochnaPreneurs (SPs) unit in Orissa, Barpali.
January 17, 2017

On January 7, 2017, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) trainers Abdul Vahid and Muhhammad Aijaz conducted a capacity-building training for SoochnaPreneurs (SPs) unit in Itki block of Ranchi, Jharkhand. The workshop was designed to reinforce the entrepreneurial skills in SPs and drive behaviour changes and higher scheme knowledge retention.

The training sessions was attended by the 19 SoochnaPreneurs who will focus their business operations in and around the populated areas of Itki, Bero, Burmu, Sonahatu and Angara blocks in Ranchi. The workshop purpose was to provide a forum to participants with the liberty to talk about the environmental challenges in the market and understand the online SoochnaPreneur MIS software including the status report analysis of the work progress so far.

During the workshop, SPs mostly spoke about their concerns of gathering first-hand information related to the government schemes, citizen rights and policies. Looking at the gravity of situation, the final solution offered to them was the affiliation to the local SSK centres. DEF trainers associated all the SPs with the SSK centres in their respective territories as their resource centre to collect information related to their work. From now on, SPs will work closely with SSKs and the centre manpower will be fully-responsible for providing all the technical and documenting support to them. All the SPs were also reminded of the earliest completion of CSC ID application formalities.

The SPs team was given hands-on training on SoochnaPreneur MIS.  The participants were trained on the internal controls of the MIS including the instructions to fill-out mandatory fields, beneficiaries’ details and Scheme specifics required to register a beneficiary on the database. Just for a test run, SPs practiced MIS by registering few beneficiary accounts and were liberated from all the hesitation of using it in future.  The SoochnaPreneurs were clarified that beneficiary registration process will be considered complete only when they will submit the application form in block office. The trainers also discussed the revived rate-list of scheme entitlements and digital services to be charged from beneficiaries’.

SoochnaPreneur were assigned a task to conduct a Market Survey. The survey will help SPs in assessing opportunities in market and doing customer mapping. It will pave the way for SPs in reaching out to the poor and understanding their needs. The survey finding will also help SPs to determine and shape accurate monthly revenue targets for 2017. A WhatsApp group was created to connect, share and receive the work related messages among the SPs unit in Jharkhand.

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