How a Soochnapreneur helped a bear attack victim

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May 16, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Santosh Urvan is a cattle farmer and a resident of Mandiha village, Bihar. Few days back when he went out to herd the sheep, he was attacked by a bear. Mandiha village is on the fringe of Gobardhan forest, Valmiki Tiger Reserve and bear attacks is common in the area.

A battered and blood-streaked Sanosh was rescued by the locals and immediately rushed to the hospital.  He suffered arm and shoulder punctures and tears, an inch gash on the right-side of his head and chipped bone in his forearm.

Brij kumar is a SoochnaPreneur who often visits Mandiha village for his government schemes and entitlements related program. Brij had met Santosh on one of his visit and remembered discussing employment schemes with him. As luck would have it, Brij came to the same hospital on that day to meet his some relative admit in ICU. It was clearly not the best day for Sanosh but while he was being transported to the hospital he was spotted by Brij Kumar. Brij went up to the victim’s wife and enquired about the whole incident.

 Later, Brij prepared the case and requested to the Forest Department for an emergency financial assistance for Sanosh. With his rigorous follow ups, the Forest Department finally took the onus to bear all the medical expenses.


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